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Grow in Confidence

Ladies, do you

just wish you had

more confidence

to really enjoy and

excel in your life?

Consider this learning achievement…

  • You learnt to use a bank account didn’t you?
  • You learnt to access it anytime you wish…
  • You learnt to track your account regularly….and
  • You even learnt to plan for your future using your account….

Now…. Imagine that you can…

  • Learn to have your very own Confidence account
  • Learn to access it anytime you wish….
  • Learn to track your confidence regularly… and
  • Learn to plan for your future using your new confidence account!!!!

Well, as a qualified teacher and a wellbeing therapist I’m excited to tell you that I have the answer for you.

You see I have designed a short online course to get you tuned into the mindset and techniques you need to be a more confident you…

Learn it and use it just like your bank account

In this course you will do 3 things…

1. Learn how to bank your confident and happy moments in a Confidence Bank Account.

2. Use that account to develop your confident wealth

3. Invest in your future confident self.

You don’t have to settle for less in your life

Right now…It’s time to step into your new future…

  • The you that is radiant and showing your true potential
  • The you that is content and in control at home and at work
  • The you that knows how to ‘raise her vibe’ when you have a meeting or presentation.

Imagine if….

You could make your own decisions and have control of your own life

You could feel free to be your true self and not worry about other’s opinions

You could kiss goodbye to self doubt and insecurities

All this and more is possible for you…

It’s simple and effective….

Tune into your confidence and bank it.

Watch your confidence account grow

And then invest in your confident new you….

Relax at home

with your

Online Course

An added bonus for the future

Not only do you get to access to all the course material anytime you wish in the comfort and safety of your own home, you also get a bonus MP3 recording to use at your leisure and I also offer a monthly follow up support should you wish to check in.

How do you know if I can really help you?

Helen Doyle Mind Coach

With my background in parenting and teaching, I’ve always been educating and supporting others to develop, grow and improve their lives. I’ve combined these skills with my mind coaching and therapy qualifications to help you learn the mindset and techniques necessary to grow your confidence. Based on the fact that everything you know to date has been learnt, it is therefore possible to train and teach yourself to be confident. If you feel like you do not have much confidence it could well be that you learnt to not be confident… This learning can actually be undone and replaced with the confidence you wish to have in your life. You will learn to connect with your inner happiness. You will learn techniques to bank your happy and confident memories. With my mind coaching and encouragement you can easily and confidently build those memories and ‘pay them forward’ into the future you. This course is designed for you to reuse whenever you need to tap into your confidence and boost your future self.

But you needn’t just take my word for it… Here are some words from my lovely clients


“I can’t even begin to explain all the positive changes that happened for me during the course which will have a positive impact in my life going forward. It was like the changes just happened without effort . When I looked back over the 6 weeks I realised I had started putting myself first more,I was more confident, I said no when something didn’t suit me, I reclaimed my personal space,and I started doing more of what made me happy, and I felt more empowered and excited about my life than I have in a long time . I would highly recommend the course to anyone.” – Melissa O Neill

“I think your advice about just taking that first actionable step was so valuable because ‘you never feel ready’! ….. So the message for me was just because I have huge fear around moving forward or don’t feel at all ready doesn’t mean that it’s not for me!! And that’s very reassuring and life-giving. Grá mór agus míle buíochas ó chroí,” C. W.

“I’m now sleeping better and am confident whatever happens I have my Anchor and everything is okay.  Huge gratitude Helen” – Nuala Lavelle

“If you struggle with anxiety or are feeling lost and unsure then get in touch with this lovely lady and I guarantee you, you will feel a million times better. I certainly do!” Charley Maloney

“The future looks clearer and I can feel the excitement for tomorrow looking forward to putting into action my plan.” Gillian

Here’s what you get when you invest in my course

  • The slides and the mind coaching sessions to access anytime, anywhere you wish.
  • A bonus MP3 to have a downloaded recording at the ready to boost your confidence.
  • Access to a free monthly meeting, to encourage and support you as you progress forward in your life.
  • And of course…This new “Confident You” that will positively impact on all your loved ones…

So what are you waiting for?

Introductory offer of €50

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